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a confession

i was in a hardware store recently, looking for two screws to put up a shelf.  walking through the store, i found a few more items that i needed and then headed to the nail and screw aisle.

i caught myself preparing to open a small package of screws and was prepared to put the two i needed in my pocket and walk-out.  after all, i only needed the two and there were no containers of lose nails to purchase from.  how much would two screws put them out?

in the end, i pulled myself from the brink of crossing the shoplifting line and bought a small package for $3.00 – which has way more screws that i need!

another day of walking that thin line between upstanding citizen and amature shoplifter.

why a card?

why do we give out cards at christmas?  usually they have nice pictures and images on the cover and a sweet saying or quote on the inside – but really what’s their purpose?

i found one link on their origin, here.

do you give them?  why?

mental development

i decided to move my office to starbucks yesterday.  i spent the office, appearing very hip – with my macbook, my venti bold and my ae messenger bag.  it was a very good afternoon, and actually got lots done.

on the other side of the lounge were a number of mothers and their babies.  i think parents create a lot of bad behaviours at a young age.  one child was crawling across the floor pushing a toy and the put it in his mouth, mom was watching.  not long later, another child had a very loud burb…which the mothers applauded.

isn’t this confusing?  if i was crawling around on the floor and putting things in my mouth and burbing loudly, is anyone going to applaud me?  aren’t we just adding confusion to these poor children?

stolen Jesus found

in case you were looking, jesus was found in a classified listen earlier this week.

An 8-foot statue of Jesus that was stolen from the cross at the Church of the Messiah on Detroit’s east side was found in an alley near the church.

The Rev. Barry Randolph said Patricia Bower, a woman who lives in the neighborhood, decided to take a shortcut home and found Jesus “in a bush, between two trees” Wednesday night.

Randolph and a church member went to pick up Jesus and found the green-hued, weather-beaten statue with only a hand missing.

“We are truly grateful,” Randolph said Thursday.

But in a twist, someone advertised the statue for sale on the classified ad Web site Craigslist on Wednesday. Then, presumably the same person called the church to try to sell it to back to the congregation for $1,000. Randolph said he declined. The statue had been found by then.

read the rest

i wonder if the bush was burning…

looking out the window, i see fog

i have cleared security check and am waiting to board a plan on route to toronto.  i have the privilege (punishment) of attending the annual residential board retreat for church army.

i leave the retreat on thursday and back to downtown toronto to setup a display for mission fest toronto.

on saturday i am scheduled to land back in saint john 2 hours before another friend’s wedding than i am emcee-ing that night.

thus begins my spring rush.