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Faith. Mission. Ministry.



Thank you for visiting my site. Welcome to the mystery of my thoughts and ramblings as they relate to faith, mission, ministry and anything else that grabs my attention. I believe that story plays a huge role in our lives and society – the more we understand each other, the more we can begin to be fully who we’re called to be.

Join in the conversation as we wrestle with being Jesus-followers and citizens of the Kingdom of God. If you’re just passing through, please don’t hurt yourself.

Still Living in a Shutdown World: Has the Church Gone AWOL?

We often hear that the life of a Christian is meant to be incarnational. As followers of Jesus, we are meant to be in the world, influencing others and making a difference, living a life modeled after Christ, doing our best to reflect Jesus to those around us. Imagine...

Being the Diocese in a Pandemic

I interviewed David Edwards (the boss and Archbishop of Fredericton) on his reflections of how the diocese has navigated the pandemic and what opportunities he sees ahead of us, as a church.

Being the Church in a Pandemic

I interviewed Linda Nicholls (Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada) on what it means to be the Church living in an age of pandemic.

Happy Canada Day!

β€œHe shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth.” – Psalms 72:8 Today, many of us will gather together with friends and family – some around a BBQ, watching fireworks and other to start their camping season. It is a week of...

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John Howard Yoder, The work of God is the calling of a -people, whether in the Old Covenant or the New. The church is then not simply the bearer of the message of reconciliation, in the way a newspaper or a telephone company can bear any message with which it is...

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A new challenge

Dear Friends of Threshold Ministries - The Board of Threshold Ministries meeting in Haliburton County on April 11-13, 2012, received the recommendation from Bruce Smith that that we appoint Shawn Branch as National Director to work out of the National Office in Saint...

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The journey begins

We've just left SSU and the journey has begun - Egypt, Israel and Jordan here we come! (After hanging out in Boston tonight)

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Prayer for Today – February 22, 2012

Lord God, extend our faith so that even when we fail to see the fruit of our planted seeds, we may have the assurance that every inch of soil overturned will lead to a harvest someday. Amen.

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God has imprinted the image of the good things of His own nature on creation. But sin, in spreading out over the divine likeness, has caused this good to disappear, covering it with shameful garments. But if by life rightly led, you wash away the mud that has been put...

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About Shawn

Shawn has been involved in Christian ministry since his early 20s and was commissioned as an Evangelist in 2004. His passion in ministry is to see individuals released in their vocational calling and to be empowered to be agents of change in their communities.

Licensed as an Evangelist in the Anglican Church, Shawn is committed to working with all denominations who are looking to strengthen their outreach and commitment to the Great Commission.

Since January 2018, he has been serving as the parish development officer for the Diocese of Fredericton where his focus is on helping to mobilize congregations to reach out into their communities and help raise up innovative leaders for the church. Prior to this, he was the national director of an evangelistic organization from 2012-2017.

In 2019, Shawn joined the national team for the Forge Missional Network.