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by this time next week, all of my earthly possessions will be taken from me and should be enroute towards my new place in saint john new brunswick.

this past weekend, i spent much of it going through boxes and drawers – throwing things out and packing [in theory].  i’ve come to the conclusion that i have a lot of books.  i haven’t read all of them.  typically when i go into a book store, a few covers will catch my eye and i’ll stop and read the first half of the first chapter and either decide that i’ll want to read it or it would be of more use as fire-starter.

i’ve decided, through my "packing", to make a goal of reading 26 books by the end of 2007.  that doesn’t seem like a lot, and it’s really only a book every two weeks.  if i set the bar low, it should be easy to acheive it.

other than the sacred scriptures, are there any books that you think are must reads for 2007?  if you can sell me on the book, i’ll add it to the list.  [the cpm biography is sadly still an unpublished work.]