A&E TV has announced a new reality TV series — "God or the Girl?"  The show follows 4 guys, discerning their call to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.  And guess what the major conflict is…that’s right — sex or celibacy!  There’s an answer to every question…especially if you’re asking "could reality TV become any more bizarre?" – the answer is yes!

Here is the show’s description from the A&E website:

This five-part documentary series follows four young men through the emotionally wrenching final weeks that lead up to the most important decision of their lives – whether to become Catholic priests or not. Traveling with his brother to the Catholic celebration of World Youth Day in Germany, Joe also looks forward to reconnecting with Anna, the love of his life. In Columbus, Dan leads his youth group of high schoolers in protest prayer outside an abortion clinic, sparking a conflict with pro-choice college students. Mike is thrilled to see soul mate and girlfriend Aly, but her visit exacerbates tensions with his mentor, Father Pauselli. And Steve makes a nerve-wracking journey home, finally telling his best friends about his aspirations toward the priesthood.

This is one show, I’m not watching (I don’t get the A&E channel, if I did, I’d probably watch an episode).  I guess it does provide an opportunity for some people with morals and not completely driven by their hormones to be on TV.  I saw an interview with 3 of the 4 guys (they never mentioned where the other guy was…hmm, interesting).  They seemed like pretty level headed guys, who were strong in their faith and recognized a call to ministry.  Interestingly, even though they all admitted to struggling with this decision, they also said that they respected why the RC church required priests to be celibate.