Last week, the students headed back to school for another year of teachers, books and all of the excitement of getting older.  Today, I was talking with some students, and they were sharing their thoughts on going back – the awkwardness of reconnecting with friends and classmates, figuring out new class schedules, etc…
I was thinking about this tonight, and I can honestly say that is not a period of my life I’d want to relive.  I loved going to University (even when I attended the classes) and College, and given the option I’d probably go back.   But never grades 1-12.  I have no idea why…I simply have that conviction.
Regardless of whatever hidden issues I’m suppressing… I know that we as the church, need to be intentional about our prayer for the people in the schools – students and teachers.  It has been encouraging to talk with some teens who living out their faith and desire to grow more and more in their relationship with Christ.  While this is happening, some of them have mentioned that they are being made fun of, and laughed at.  They recognize this is part of following Christ, and are committed to standing firm – Praise God!
We need to join together and hold them up in prayer.

Lord, will You be my vision?  Will You be my guide?