even better?

anyone who knows me, will know that i am biased towards starbucks (even before the lady worked there).  yesterday, they announced that starbucks has partnered with (red) to help fight aids in africa.


perhaps tim horton’s will support the conservation of the canadian moose.

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1 john 3 and the way i see it

1 john 3:11

this is the message you have heard from the beginning: we should love one another.

the way i see it #255

we will end poverty and stop hiv/aids within our generation when guided by african principles such as ubuntu that underscore our interconnectedness. with greater compassion for others, we would no longer accept hunger and disease as facts of life.

thoughts? similarities?

welcome to the whale

Red Whale Coffee Co.
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went back tonight to the red whale and decided to enjoy the lounge area and enjoy a latte. the place was fairly busy while we were there and the drinks were good.

the bonus…they have free wireless (which i did not check until we were leaving).

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a whale of a time

it seems that the greater saint john nb area is attempting to become hip.  i spent yesterday morning with our atlantic regional director over breakfast, we try to get together at least once a month for the better part of a morning.  he found a coffee shop in kennebecasis valley, called the ‘red whale’.  being aware of my addiction of choice, we stopped by after breakfast.

very nice setup in a strip-mall – welcoming, comfortable, friendly staff and great coffee!  they’ve apparently opened up this past summer and i would guess (hope) they are doing fairly well.  check them out – the red whale coffee shop in rothesay nb.

my new meeting place in the valley.

and the people rejoiced!

this news is like an angelic choir singing in my ears. the news of a free-standing store, seconds away from my house is the icing on the cake.

Perk up, coffee drinkers

SAINT JOHN – American coffee giant Starbucks is upping the ante in the brewing war with Canadian icon Tim Hortons.

Starbucks announced Thursday it will open its first free-standing retail outlet in New Brunswick at East Point Shopping, on the city’s East Side.

Patrick Keefe, the vice-president of operations for Coffee Vision Atlantic, the company that owns the exclusive rights to operate Starbucks outlets in Atlantic Canada, joined Mayor Norm McFarlane and East Point developer Troy Northrup to announce the province’s first such outlet – Starbucks operates smaller outlets in Chapters bookstores in Dieppe and Fredericton – will be open before Christmas.

The Starbucks will be located just off Westmorland Road, on Depot Drive, adjacent to the Home Depot store.

“There are a couple of reasons that we chose Saint John,” said Keefe. “The customers have been asking us to come here. They’ve been calling us and some people who have visited our locations in Halifax have been asking when we’re coming to Saint John. That piqued our interest. And with all the big things that are happening in Saint John – all the announcements – the city is a very attractive market.”

Keefe said the plans call for a 2,000-square-foot outlet with all the amenities – including a fireplace and comfortable seating for about 35 customers – and a drive-through window.

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i just need dates. i’m trying to plan the fall, but it is difficult to fully plan without dates of openings.