While I was away in New Brunswick, I was at the Church Army National Conference.  Our National Conferences are taking place once every 3 years, which everyone agrees is far too long to be apart.  The theme was: "Fresh Anointing" with George Lings as the guest speaker.  George is the head of Church Army UK’s Sheffield Centre (research unit).

One of the things that George has been researching is the changing trends in how churches are presenting the Gospel to a culture that has rapitly become "post-Christian."  While much of his research has taken place in the UK, he has begun to travel the globe and I’d agree that many of the same trends that he is seeing are occuring here in Canada.  The UK appears to be in the lead at re-evaluating how we present the Gospel and Canada continues to sit by and watch our communities and country move further away from Christ.

It was interesting to hear the various approaches people have taken to become accessible to the people around them…re-examing the definition of "church."  I was excited to hear and read about the risks some people are willing to take to bring the Gospel to the people around them.  It’s caused me to take time to reflect on opportunities that I may be missing.

During Conference, we also had the "Admiting Service to the Office of Evangelist."  This year, 5 students graduated and committed their lives to proclaiming the Gospel.  It was a great service, with many people from across the globe participating (CA International folks were with us too).  Harold Daniel (Suffragan Bishop of Jamaica) preached….65 minute sermon.

And the best, hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in awhile.  Good times!