This past weekend was the opening weekend for Camp Okema.  My definition for this is cleaning, panting, nailing and throwing out.  There is a lot of work that needs to happen to the facilities before we acheive a "5 star accomodations" status, but we are much closer after this weekend.  We had about 30 people volunteer to spend the weekend doing manual labour.

While the weekend didn’t turn out to be nearly as warm as forecasted, it was great nontheless.  We had a great bond-fire on Sunday night, and some of us enjoyed a refreshing swim in "chilly" waters.  (*A note for anyone planning a bond-fire: don’t stand too close to any wood that has a few coats of varnish on it.)

We also had a Counsellor Training Weekend at the same time.  Fifteen Counsellor wannabees spent the weekend learning the do’s and don’ts of being a camp counsellor.  I led sessions called "Jaunting through James", pulling out various key verses from each chapter.  I had a great time, I think we have an incredible group of teens preparing to step forward in their leadership and taking a firm grasp of the gifts they have been given.

Thank you to everyone who has given of your time and talents.