I was almost excited as I received the November issue of the Anglican Journal as there was a "Letter to the Editor" written by me.  But my bubble was burst when I read the article that was published and felt as though it had been butchered.  The article that was printed is online (click here) and scroll down to the "Commitment" header.

The actual letter that was written is the following:

Ms. Nattras (Sept ’05 letter) hit on a largely ignored issue in the church. In all of the controversy of biblical interpretation and sexual politics, we have lost sight of our mission. How long can we ignore the coming generation? All over the country, congregations are aging and this is a cause of concern. Yet are we really concerned with presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a growing generation of spiritually hungry people or just that our buildings might be shut-down in 20 years?  Several years ago, the National Church funded a position to encourage and strengthen youth ministry, which has since been cut.  What does this say about our commitment to young people?  The Journal has tremendous opportunity to encourage and instruct the Anglican church to actively engage with the youth in their congregations and their communities. Please help us to fulfill Christ’s commission.

Instead of placing the blame solely on the National Church, perhaps we should all bear some responsibility.