Does anyone remember the TV Ad on drugs?  "Drugs, drugs, drugs.  Which are good, which are bad?  Drugs, drugs, drugs.  Ask your mom or ask your dad."  Does anyone remember that?  (Yuck, flashback to the 80’s).

This week, I’ve been attending a course on Drug & Alcohol Abuse, and much of the information and discussions haven’t been that shocking — people’s denial (it’s not just a river in Egypt after-all), the impact on the families, etc…  This stuff is readily available on the streets, in schools, in homes and businesses.  People, we need to open our eyes and stop thinking "oh this won’t happen to me" — guess what?  It can!

Parents: Talk to you kids!  Help is available if you think you’re kid is using.
Kids: You can get help too if your parents are using.

By the way, since when is it good for your body to take something that can alter your state of mind?  Stop doing this stuff!!!