i’m in winnipeg this week doing some promotions at the general synod meetings for the anglican church of canada. before i say anything more, i know that there are many people writing their own thoughts and articles on what is happening, i am not speaking on behalf of any one or any organizations, these are simply my own thoughts.

it has been a good time to reconnect with friends and past co-workers around the country, and if nothing else, get to see a bit more of winnipeg. there is an intense amount of politic-ing going on here – people on both sides of issues trying to convince and ‘educate’ people on the facts they need to know to make wise decisions. two of the majors decisions that will be made, from what i can tell, are the election of a new primate (figure-head of the anglican church in canada) and motions on same-sex blessings.

the event officially began with an opening service at what is considered to be the first anglican church in western canada, st john’s cathedral. my stomach was sick, i sat through the whole evening praying that God would intervene. the service began at the river side with a native “smudge” service (believed to remove negative energy and replace with positive energy). i wish i could say that things changed after that. it is heartbreaking to see such confusion being encouraged and even strengthened in the church. sadly, we cannot say that the anglican church is the only denomination who have struggled to main their focus on scripture and Jesus Christ.

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