Hi Blog World,
I’m still alive and well.  Doing very well actually.  Since my last post, I’ve on holidays for two weeks.  It went by very quickly, but I am glad it is over and I can get back to work and ministry.

I spent a week just outside Toronto in Madoc.  A small village where Chris & Jen live and do ministry.  I had a lot of fun hangin’ out and relaxing with them.  Even though Chris and I talk almost daily, I never had a proper understanding of the ministry their doing.  After being there, I have a much clearer picture and I got to hang out with some of the kids from Foundations, where Jen is working; and join some of the Campus Life activities that Chris leads.

When Chris dropped me off at Pearson Airport on Tuesday, we were both wearing tshirts and I was wearing my sandles.  I arrived in Saskatoon to over a foot of snow that had fallen and quickly froze.  Thankfully, I spent the night in Saskatoon with friends and made the journey back to Prince Albert, to shovel the foot of snow in my yard.  I finished my holidays relaxing at home, taking a nap whenever I wanted, did some reading, and spent a lot of time praying.

Vacations are great and refreshing — I highly recommend them!