I said a hip, hop, the hippie the hippie dibby hip hop hop and you don’t
stop to rock…

The Hip Hop Rally last night was great!  Despite the 3 days of rain, we had at least 150 teens out.  We ended up not being able to have the skate comp, but that didn’t stop the outreach.  We moved inside to the gym had some breakdancing and food.
Then we moved into the church for the concert and message.  The committee brought in the Joe & Jonek to share some Christian hip hop – these guys were great and are talented.  The B-Boys are a breakdancing group, and proved that white guys can dance (sort of).  Followed by Peter Eppinga, a Haida First Nations Evangelist who shared his testimony.  I was really encouraged by his story, and how God has worked in his life – from a life of drugs, alcohol, gangs and near death.
It was a great night!!  Thanks to Cherie Rustulka for pulling it together and bringing the churches on board.
Here’s a few pics from the night…the lighting was dark.


The Joe & Jonek


some of the B-Boys


Peter Eppinga