I’ve just returned from watching The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe and the movie ROCKED!!!  I can’t get over how well done the movie is!

I went into the theater wanting to watch it with out any preconceived ideas or thoughts in my head, especially since there has been so much buzz and talk about how wonderful a tool this movie is for evangelism.  I have to admit that either I couldn’t separate that from my mind or there is clearly some Christian subtext.

When I was in grade 6, my teacher (Mrs Fyffe) would read us a chapter each day from The Chronicles of Narnia and I would sit there listening, trying to imagine the story unfolding in my mind…I didn’t even come close!  The battle between good and evil is clear and flows through the Aslanstory; Edmond’s fall into temptation after the witch suggests the possibility of one day inheriting the land of Narnia; Aslan offering himself as a sacrifice for the betrayal and breaking the laws of Narnia committed by Edmond; Aslan rising up in victory and destroying the place of sacrifices and in the end conquering the powers of evil.

Man, this movie was great!  Whether or not C.S. Lewis intended to share the Gospel message through these books, I’ll never know — what I do know is that he did it, brilliantly!  Another thing that struck was the child-like faith…always believing and hoping as Lucy did.  No matter the circumstance, no matter who believed or didn’t believe, her belief never wavered.