Last Sunday evening, some friends and I decided to fulfill our obligations as citizens in Prince Albert.  We didn’t vote or help the poor, we took part in the "Twinkle Tour."  This annual event is a contest that people can enter through the radio station.  On "Tour" night, people can caravan around the city and can judge the decorations.  It seemed like a bright idea at the time.  An hour and a half later of driving on bad roads (a miracle for PA is if the city blows the roads after a heavy snow fall) and driving about 15kms/hr.

I brought my camera to take pictures, but the batteries were dead, so I got nothing.  Some of the houses were pretty impressive, people really go all out for this.  We passed by my house along the way, we laughed – there are no decorations or lights up.  Maybe I’ll go back and take pictures of the houses that we really good.

None of them were like this one – this is still a gold winner.