much of the discussion today have been focusing on the issues of same-sex blessing. the morning began with a great presentation by victoria matthews (edmonton) on the st. michael’s report. the report, at its core (from my understanding) that sexuality is an issue of christian doctrine.

this afternoon has been an open session for people to share and listen to what the spirit is saying to the church. there has been 2 hours so far of being sharing their thoughts and stories, from both sides without debate.

personally, it is interesting to hear how some are trying focus solely on the emotional aspects of the sexuality debate. i don’t understand how we can separate homosexuality, or sodomy (essentially) from any other sin. it boggles my mind, but if you announce that publically (which i guess i just did) you’re considered homophobic or a bigot or narrowminded. scripture seems clear that Father intended for one man and one woman to be joined together. i don’t see where another option or where the possibility of adjusting this is available.

no, i don’t look upon anyone else with judgement or condemnation. i am no better than anyone else, as paul said, i am chief among sinners (1 timothy 1:15) – i sin, i screw up – i could probably scare you…but i don’t ask Father to bless or annoint any part of that. i need to come before him and humbly repent and allow the Spirit to restore.

i truly believe the ‘church’ needs to humble itself and come before Father and allow Him to restore us. no sin needs to be blessed – no matter how good it can make us feel.