Mannaarmed_2  The registration deadline has past for Manna: Armed!  We didn’t get the 100 teens that I was praying for, but I am happy for the group that we do have.  A number of returning plus a number of new ones.  This past Wednesday was the registration deadline; and all day Wednesday and Thursday, I was getting emails, texts, and phone calls asking if it was too late to register.  Good thing I planned on that happening.

Everything appears to be lining up for this retreat.  The team is together and (mostly) organized, the band is getting ready, the Speaker is getting his vocals ready, the camp is booked and tshirts will be order by the end of the day.  This is all a HUGE answer to prayer.  God is good!

If you’re reading this and are led to, please pray for the teens and all the leaders involved in this retreat.  I’m excited!