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This past weekend, I spent it leading a youth retreat for youth in our diocese ("Manna:Saved!!!").  It was an exhausting, but great time!  The best part was seeing the growth in the youth and a desire in them to be closer to God.  We had 5 talks and small group session that focused on a different part of the Gospel message, each one picking up where the last one left off.

Somehow, I ended up doing 3 of the talks (because 2 others backed out).  When they were watching the movie at midnight, I went downstairs to the office and wrote the other two talks.  I think everyone slept about 6hrs that night.

I left out the "standard altar call" at the end because I have concerns with getting youth all fired up and sending them back to churches were the fire has worn out.  Many of the youth came from congregations that have solid Biblical teaching and people who care about them.  It was obvious to see that many them are wanting to be stronger in their faith, so I want to keep in contact with them and try to support them in whatever way I can.