those who have been diligent (or patient) readers of this blog, are somewhat familiar with the issues and concerns that i have had and experienced with my heart. on august 17th, i had my first visit to the heart specialist in saint john.

my visit with him was very good. the basics of what he said is:
– the condition that i have is called: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is basically a thickening of the muscle in the wall between the two chambers of my heart.
– my heart itself, is actually very good and strong
– the only major change is he’s increasing the dosage of the pills that i am taking. apparently the dosage that i was given is the same that the would give a frail elderly patient (i guess i am a bit better than that).
– the condition itself is apparently genetic and if i ever had kids (scary thought), they have a 50% chance of receiving this gift.
– i’ll be having period tests just to monitor my heart and surgery is a worst case scenario…after they’ve pumped me full of pills.

the bonus was that he had no issues with my occasional cuban treat. i’ll be going for more tests in the fall to continue monitoring.

january 25, 2006