A new campaign has been launched in the UK, called "Where will you find him?" run by the Churches Advertising Network.  The campaign includes radio ads, posters and directs people towards a MySpace account setup purposely to give people an opportunity to share and discuss ways that they have encountered Jesus in their lives.Isthisjesus

This year’s Christmas campaign is "Where will you find him?" It is based around a series of radio ads in which young people talk about their spiritual beliefs, and a striking poster depicting the face of Jesus in a beer glass. The ads, aimed at young people, point to the youth forum website myspace.com to talk about their views and experiences of God.

Francis Goodwin, Chair of the Churches Advertising Network, says: "We’re excited by this year’s campaign created by Radioville. We want the campaign to spark discussion about God, and we think these ads – both the posters and radio campaign – will help do that. People may not talk openly about their beliefs, but we hope they will discuss them online at myspace."