the primate for the anglican church of canada has finally made the announcement for the national indigenous bishop.  bishop mark macdonald (alaska) has been appointed and is supposed to have full pastoral oversight over all of canada’s indigenous anglicans – no matter where they live.  here’s the press release from church house.

i met mark macdonald at the 2005 diocesan synod.  he seems like a nice guy, has some hilarious stories to share.

personally, the position is somewhat confusing.  although it seems to fit in perfectly with the double-sided coin that the church has been flipping.  if we are preaching unity, and "one in the body", why do we have a separate bishop for a certain group of people?  [i am not against native rights.]  it seems contradictory to me.  maybe i am waiting for a national bishop i can relate to – mid-20’s, white….