Today, I spent the lunch hour at the Shellbrook High School (a small rural community just outside Prince Albert), helping to run QUEST.  I’ve used this program 3 other times in the diocese, at camp and in two other communities.  While I’m not someone who falls in love with the latest fad program, this is something that I think works.

The program is a video format that discusses issues that are relevant today, from a Christian perspective.  It’s done in an MTV/MuchMusic style format, so it’s definitely not boring.

We’re fortunate in Shellbrook to be able to run it, during the lunch-hour at the school.  While most schools I’ve approached have politely said "this is a "God free zone", the principal was gracious enough to watch it and before making any decision.  After watching it, she said "this is something that the teens need to part of."  Having received that welcome, the ministerial have formed a team to run this program and provide lunch for the teens.  We’ve averaged about 60 teens attending since the beginning.

If you want more info on QUEST, check out their website: