today marks 3 months since i started working in saint john at the national office for church army. as some may have noticed, i took a bit of a sabbatical from the blogosphere. partly intentional as before i tried to use the blog as a tool for ministry and felt like i had stepped out “active” ministry into administration, which i was never overly fond of.
this past week, i realized that i’ve simply moved into a different type of active ministry. i’d been working on grant for a ministry base that we are partnered with. a part of me became envious as i knew i’d likely never experience much of what is/would be taking place there, aside from the occasional visit, if any. it struck me as i was working on the forms that i have been placed in an awesome situation to be supporting this ministry and do what i could to secure funding, which would mean that the people in that community could benefit from its presence and involvement.
so, i support and encourage now.