Red Oprah and Bono launched the "Product (Red)" campaign about two weeks ago.  A lot of popular companies and products have signed on to be part of it – iPod, Armani, American Express, Converse and others.  These are all great products and if I had the money would likely buy them all or shop at their companies.

"Red" is raising money to support the fight of AIDS in Africa.  Many people, both young and old, suffer and die from AIDS each day – this is not acceptable.  It’s great that Bono and Oprah have publically joined the fight (both of whom are loaded!).  The funds raised from the purchase of these special products go towards helping the treatment of suffers of HIV & AIDS.

Apple’s has created a special iPod, which I think is a great invention and use mine quite a bIpodit,  for the occasion.  The Red iPod costs $200 and only $10 of that goes to the Global Fund – that’s right $10.  Apparently Apple doesn’t make enough money off the iPods to provide more support (FYI: I’m not suggesting to boycott iPods – I’m listening to mine now.  Hypocrite maybe, but I did buy mine last year.)

Since most of the folks I know are not in the same financial situation as Bono or Oprah; it’s unlikely that many can afford to try many of the Red products.  There is another option.  The Stephen Lewis Foundation and World Vision raise funds for the fight of HIV & AIDS in Africa.  You can give a donation directly and everything that you give goes directly to Africa.  Just some another options.

BTW, if someone was planning on buying the Armani watch for me for Christmas, I’d gladly still accept it.