That’s the message some people will be getting when if they would normally attend one of the small percentage of mega-churches in America.  These churches which push the latest twelve step program for Christians and sell millions of books each year, trying to convince people that if they use the same methods their church will grow too (which, a living in small town Saskatchewan…a mega church is one with 100 people attending each Sunday).

However, these wonderful "idol" churches are going to be closed on Christmas Day.  Why?  Because its no longer a day about celebrating the birth of our Saviour…its a day about family.  I would have thought that these churches would again be trying to set new heights and having all-day celebrations and events.  Thanks for the model!

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Some small churches will have no choice put to not offer services Christmas day, simply because everyone in the community will have attended the Christmas Eve service and wouldn’t plan to be there again the next day, so the option is taken away.  And we’ll naively assume that you would have worship for those who wanted it.