i read rob bell’s latest book last night “drops like stars”.  the book was written in typical rob bell form – poetic, blank pages and of course, thought provoking.  there was one point that bell made – that perhaps in our efforts to “think outside the box”, we have created a new box.

interesting that in many context, church and secular, people suggest the need to think outside the box to change the context in which we are thinking or planning.  that seems to be one of the first statements when people are wanting to reach a new generation.  are we still thinking outside the box or thinking in a new box?

bell also makes the correlation between suffering and building community.  obviously we can all identify with suffering, in some form.  he shares the illustration that almost everyone could identify with the suffering of cancer.  cancer has not confined to race, economic, social or geographic backgrounds.

i read the book in a little over an hour, but i was also watching a movie.

an interesting combination – rob bell and jack black.