review: jesus wants to save christians

book-savechristiansi just finished re-reading rob bell’s book – jesus wants to save christians.  i started rereading it late last week and finished it while flying across the country last night.

my second read of it was probably enlightening than the first.  i found myself re-examining my own perceptions and desires of what i thought (or wanted) church to be.  i’ve been reminded frequently as of late how the church often gets caught up in the “consumer” mentality of our culture.  i had lunch recently with someone where i heard as clear as day, that our primary means for doing church is about what makes us comfortable.  i wish i could say that i was exaggerating this, but the same sentence was repeated over and over.  many of churches are ignoring jesus’ plea to clothe the naked and feed the hungry – because it makes us uncomfortable.

i’m not sure that jesus ever wanted us to be “comfortable.”

maybe that’s what he means when he says, “do this in remembrance of me.”  the “do this” part is our lives.  opening ourselves up to the mystery of resurrection, open for the liberation of others, allowing our bodies to be broken and our blood to be poured, discovering our eucharist.  listening.  and going.

because when we do this in remembrance of him,

the world will never be the same;

we will never be the same.

now that is a manifesto.

‘jesus wants to save christians’, pg 181