what’s in a name?

do you ever sometimes wish that you could change your name to reflect the person you wish you were or represented?  as i was looking out the window on the nice spring-like (please God let it be soon!) day, i got to asking myself, what’s in a name?

does shawn c. branch incapsulate who i am?  would madonna be as popular if she went with ‘blanche’ instead?  or laurence instead of sting?  or bob smith instead of george stromboulopolous?

or what about those who create a name and give it meaning and identity – like starbucks or apple?  what if howard shultz went with a different name that morning in 1971.  would we be flocking for coffee status on a regular basis?  or would we spend a fair chunk of change on the best computer systems if they were called ‘mape’?

does your name suit you?  or would a name like “max power” be more effective?