christmas vs guiltmas [part 1]

its a nice saturday afternoon, a little windy and a light covering of snow on the ground from the previous night.  a typical saturday – run a few errands, some light laundry, pondering what do make the forthcoming evening.  take a drive by the mall…and there is where the chaos ensues.

i know understand why malls pave such a huge parking lot.  they need it for december!  the mall parking lot was absolutely nuts!  i was almost hit 3 times in less than a minute (and i am choosing to acknowledge that i was driving correctly).

why are so many spending money they don’t have?  i assume much of this spending is for christmas to buy lots and lots of gifts and tokens of appreciation for friends and loved-ones.  i need to be more diligent about remembering this passage of scripture:

“Be ye sure to spend much once per year as a witness of thy appreciation for thy neighbour.”