congratulations on your new post. i hope you realize the honor that our father below has bestowed on you, untested as you are. in the past,
when a new branch has needed to be opened, he has left it to
experienced tempters he knows can be trusted to follow established
protocol through to success; however, he has judged that the enemy’s
latest move must be met with the vim and vigour of youth, such as we
have left. i would never think of questioning His wisdom in this
decision…but since it is my department of kingdom thwartation whose
budget will suffer if you fail (and because your mother imed to let me
know you are feeling some post-graduation uncertainty about the
efficacy of your training), i consider it my personal responsibility to
ensure your triumph. hence, this note.

the emerging church’s version of c.s. lewis’ "screwtape letters".  an interesting read.