You may have noticed that I’ve been more quiet on here than normal — well, there is a reason.  I’ve been hit by a freight truck…not literally, just figuratively.  It started on January 8th, when I was up all night kneeling in front of the porcelain.  By Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling any better and still could not keep any food down.  I gave in and decided that I should see a doctor.  Not having bothered to get a doctor when I moved to PA, I went to the medical clinic.  Immediately they assumed, as I did, that it was just the flu and soon I should start to feel better.  However, being cautious, they wanted to run some tests.

My breathing didn’t seem normal to them, my blood-pressure was up and I had a slight fever.  The doctor wanted me to have some x-rays.  I rushed over to the x-ray department before they closed — "stand here…breath…don’t breath…and we’re finished."  As the doctor looked at the x-rays, we’re both had the same comment: "This doesn’t look normal."  Apparently, you’re not supposed to have a lot of fluid on your lungs and your heart is not supposed to be enlarged.  I was then rushed to the ER to see the on-call specialists.

Three doctors, two EKGs and six vials of blood later, I was told that I would have to stay at the hospital for awhile because "we’re worried about the condition of your heart.  If you were 40 years older, we’d be worried about a massive heart-attack, but since you’re so young, we don’t know what it is."  By 11pm I was being wheeled into the ICU and told to get comfortable cause I wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  Get comfortable!?!!?  As if that was going to happen.

The next day, there were more x-rays, more blood taken and an ultrasound.  As I was hooked up to all of the equipment, they tried to get me to eat…hospital food.  Nothing against the cooks, but I’m not a fan of hospital food.  I picked away at the "food" and starred at the ceiling for most of the day; had a few visitors and some calls home.

Day two, I saw the doctor in the morning.  He had reviewed all of the tests and the ultrasound video, talked with some other specialists and came to deliver his verdict — I have an extremely rare heart condition, that is genetic and has caused my heart to become enlarged and thus fluid started to drain into my lungs.  WooHoo!  He did have good news…if I passed a few more tests, I could probably go home that night if I thought I was up to it.  I could have kissed him!  I wanted out!

I’m now on pills to clear the fluid from my lungs and on pills to slow my heart rate and awaiting to see a Cardiologist to find out where we go from here…which they’ve suggested could be surgery to cut away the excess muscle tissue.

I’m now back at work and other than feeling tired (side-effect of the meds), I’m feeling okay.  My dad came to spent the week with me following my exit from the ICU.  It was nice having someone around to cook for me and make sure that I was taking my meds.

That’s the story so far.  Thanks for your prayers and support…in the hands of the Great Physician, I’m not worried.