tonight was a powerful night at church. there were many who incredible stories to share of how God is moving in their lives – both full of joy and sadness. reed, who leads (pastors) uptown church, encouraged us to find ways to share the goodness that God is doing in our lives with people.
so here’s my attempt at sharing God’s goodness in my life:
– for the first time in a long time, i wasn’t cranky on my birthday (and i was working)
– i was able to witness 6 new evangelists being released into the world to share and proclaim the good news of Jesus – look out canada and jamaica!
– God is doing a number of great things in my life and causing me to be stretched (but i am grateful for every moment)
– i am surrounded by a number of great encouraging people
– i only had one really rough day, but through it i have learnt much and trusting God will cause major breakthroughs.
– an article was written about in the fredericton newspaper (ok, that was pride)