In Love
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Erin & Bonnie have been chomping at the bit since they arrive to “see Saskatchewan”. So, after we all woke up this afternoon, I suggested that we take a trip to Love Saskatchewan. We finally left PA at 4pm and arrived in Love just after 5pm.
Love SK is a qaint little community on the highway towards Nipawin SK. We toured the community and dropped some letters at the local post-office. Then continued on to Nipawin.
After stopping, we decided to continue on to the Manitoba boarder. Why? Because we could.
We stopped in a few communities along the way to fill up and stretch, and take some pictures along the way. We arrived at the boarder, stopped, turned around and came back.
We arrived back in Prince Albert at 1:30am – a nice little trip around eastern Saskatchewan.
Some might consider these communities little podunk villages, but we found that each had their own unique flavour to add to Saskatchewan.
(click on the picture above to see the journey)